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The College of Professional Development

is revolutionary in the idea of offering traditional course training to participants aspiring to develop digital products as an approach to establishing small businesses. Selling digital products requires training on techniques that produce audio/visual marketing channels.

We focus on offering comprehensive services that include training the service platforms used to distribute products.

Ideal Participants for this Curricula

College of Professional Development

Do you want to make a difference in your community by assisting populations who:

  • Are victims of crimes such as domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault
  • Low-income residents seeking housing and employment
  • Are residents with barriers such as substance abuse and addiction.

If any of these causes speak to you (or participants within your organization), our curricula plan is ideal for you! Our professional development courses target industries that assist these populations, to provide training
to participants who desire career paths in roles that deliver real society impact.
All of our curriculums have expanded plans that will continue to add courses and industries.

Currently we are focused on training participants with courses that fit these roles:
1) Victim Service Provider

  • Crisis intervention roles: Victim service providers that offer assistance to crime victims and
    residence in transitional crisis (seeking shelter and help with filing protective orders and safety
    plans while receiving emergency services). Hospital advocate, first responder advocate.
  • Court advocacy roles: Advocates offering emotional support and assistance to victims
    cooperating with law enforcement to prosecute their offenders.
  • Case manager roles: Advocates within programs that assist low-income and other participants
    who lack self-sufficiency with housing plans, personal and professional development planning.

    2) Substance Abuse Counselor

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    If you are an organization with participants who benefit from professional certifications or professional development specific to assisting community members, please view our Community Programs page and download the Community Programs brochure.

    If you want to enroll without a group, go to our VAC1 Fundamentals Course page to enroll in our next

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    Victim Services Curriculum Course Path



    Victim Services Curriculum Breakdown

    Standard Set of Courses

    Offers 5 connected courses that prepare participants for roles that offer advocacy through community programs.

    • VAC Fundamentals Course  (VAC1) (Click for More Info)
      • VACA Program Curriculum Course Add-On
      • VACB Advocate Curriculum Course Add-On
      • VAC Core Skills Training Workshop Serries
    • VAC System-Based/Community-Based Program Specialty Course  (VAC2)
    • VAC Domestic Violence Specialty Course   (VAC3)
    • VAC Sexual Assault Specialty Course   (VAC4)
    • VAC Victim Assistance Program and Staff Management Specialty Course (VAC5)

    Curriculum Focus

    The curriculum guides course participants from entry-level to mid-level to senior-level roles that provide victim services to crime victims and residents who lack self-sufficiency.  The curriculum targets participants towards advocacy for domestic violence and sexual assault victims.

    Standard Set of Courses
    Recovery Services Curriculum Breakdown

    Offers 2 connected courses that prepare participants for roles that assists others with substance abuse.

    • REC Peer Support Specialist Course (REC1)
    • REC Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor Course Series (REC2)
    1. CADC Core Principles Course
    2. CADC Core Skills Training Course
    3. CADC Alcohol Abuse Training Course
    4. CADC Cannabis Abuse Training Course
    5. CADC Amphetamine Abuse Training Course
    6. CADC Cocaine Abuse Training Course
    7. CADC Hallucinogens Abuse Training Course
    8. CADC Opioids Abuse Training Course

    TSOP are making plans to receive accreditation to offer certifications approved through  North Carolina Addictions Specialist Professional Practice Board (NCASPPB).  The Curriculum is currently closed for enrollment.

    Curriculum Focus

    The curriculum guides course participants to offer counseling services to alcohol and drug addicts in recovery.


    Recovery Services Curriculum Course Paths


    Career Planning Services

    The College of Professional Development promotes career development by focusing on training and providing resources to its community to empower them to create:

    • Focused and action-based plans that offer phases of development that produces multi-leveled outcomes.
    • Partnerships with credentialed vocational experts to guide their plan’s development and implementation.

    We offer:

    • Self-Paced using Guides & Templates
    • Career Counselor Coaching Sessions

      Job Placement Services

      The College of Professional Development promotes career development by offering job placement services through establishing partnerships with key players of the employment community.

      We are a strong advocate for community members who seek to empower themselves economically, by equipping themselves with professional development and establishing meaningful qualifications.

      We assist with hosting career fairs that present meeting opportunities between  our partnership network and participant community.

      We assist with examination fees for our participant community who graduate from our pre-approved trainings.



      Free Training on Technological Resources

      The College of Professional Development is invested in helping to establish community members who are comfortable with today’s changing society and technological discovery.  We value technological improvements, while remaining compassionate towards community members who are suffered opportunities to engage in meaningful work due to these advancements.

      We offer instructional resources to accompany our online course offerings.

      We plan to offer general resources based on the needs of community members, not limited to assistance with our online course catalogs.

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