Can you benefit from a certification in victim services? OR Do you want to begin a challenging and rewarding career offering services to crime victims and residents experiencing trauma and crisis?

Want to begin a new exciting career in victim services where you can help meet the needs of crime victims and other residents experiencing recent trauma?  If this is you, this course is ideal for yoU!  

Our course offers a certification to add to your resume and assist you in your job search for the career of your dreams.  

Do you currently work for a crisis intervention program and find yourself stuck at an entry-level role that gives you limited access to program participants?  Use our VAC1 Course certification to enhance your resume and receive training for skills that qualify you for roles that work directly with victims!

Are you in the human services industry, crisis counseling, and other fields that engage people after traumatic situations and crises?  Do you want to add qualifications to your resume or receive training specific to interviewing and case managing these populations? 

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VAC1 Course (Certification course for credentialing through NACP/NOVA)

Course Summary

  • Course duration:  10 weeks (45 hours)
  • Online (using an LMS)
  • Self-paced reading
  • Weekly Instructor-led lectures (available live and through recordings)
  • Course resources such as Assessment & Topic Paper Study Halls
  • A certification pre-approval training (minimally the Provisional Certification, potential for higher certifications based on experience).

Course Focus

The course focuses on specific learning outcomes:

  • Producing a career plan that includes acquiring phased out certifications through NACP.
  • Practicing advocacy for victim profiles that challenge the participant’s personal culture.
  • Determining appropriate policies based on standards, codes and laws.
  • Preparing memos to refer participants to PTSD counselors by using standard criteria.
  • Assigning housing and professional development solutions based on victim scenarios.

Course Content

VAC1 prepares course participants by presenting topics such as:

  • How to design career paths towards acquiring certifications through NACP in specialized populations.
  • How to distinguish the role of an advocate within a community program from professional counseling services.
  • Providing ethical standards and cultural competency to establish attitudes that lead to effective and victim-centered advocacy.
  • How to use the trauma related to specific victimizations to conduct trauma-informed interviews.
  • How to present criminal/civil justice resources by understanding the phases of the criminal justice process.
  • How to advocate for victims’ rights during a court trial.
  • Commonly used housing plans, personal and professional development solutions.

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