About Our Community Programs

We partner with organizations and agencies in the community to customize our trainings for their specific and unique needs. Our programs target a population of course participants who have a direct benefit to embark on our course paths. Each curriculum will have a set of community programs. Currently, our victim services curriculum program structure is available!

Who Benefits From the Community Program Structure? Organizations, programs and groups who use our Victim Services course paths as:

  1. Professional development for their staff.
  2. Career training for participants within their job readiness programs. Individuals who use our Victim Services course paths as:
  3. An industry specific credential (in collaboration with associate/bachelor degrees) in criminal justice, psychology and sociology.

Those seeking to take the VAC1 Fundamentals Course within a program receive:

  • Special pricing
  • Additional services such as career counseling/planning
  • Study hall resources during the course
  • Customized sessions for other course participants within their organization.

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