Our Purpose

Our VAC1 course has been accredited through the NACP to offer victim services certifications. As the only Christian-based training provider empowered through the NACP to offer this certification in NC (nationally), we designed the Evangelism Through Advocacy Program (ETA) to increase victim services certifications amongst the Body of Christ. The VAC1 course will help church members and leadership teams deal with domestic violence victims safely, conduct trauma-informed interviews an offer services and resources to the community more effectively.

Our Mission

We are coordinating and organizing sessions across the nation that track Christian participation. We are positioning to record our enrollment targets as a brief that demonstrates our collective, cross-denominational response to a former government task force suggestion to be trained in serving victims. Our enrollment costs are shared with church and organization participants to reward them for participating

How does the VAC1 Course empower Specific Ministries?

Are you a survivor of intimate partnership violence?

The Victim to Advocate Program is designed for you to leverage your recovery into a field that helps others escape.

Are you receiving supplementary resources within a community program or shelter? 

The Victim to Advocate Program is designed for you to receive a career certification that satisfies your graduation items. 

Speak to your case manager today to have them contact us about our program.

Do participants on your case load need to have a professional certification? 

We designed this program with them in mind, to offer them a certification that empowers them towards establishing a career, rather than a job.

Do you have a traumatizing life experience that inspires you to want to help others to recover?

Our program is designed to equip you with an entry-level certification to get you on your way.

Have you just learned about the program and you would like to enroll?

For individual applicants:  Use our contact request form to have one of our enrollment specialist contact you. They will approve your program applications based on specific eligibility requirements. Being approved for the program, you are awarded a scholarship to take the course, that saves you 60% of the enrollment costs!

For program/organization applicants: Use the contract request form and one of our enrollment specialists will contact you shortly!


Were you sent here by an enrollment specialist?

Select the “Enroll Today” button, and enter the coupon code that they have provided to you.