VAC1 Course

Can you benefit from a certification in victim services? OR Do you want to begin a challenging and rewarding career offering services to crime victims and residents experiencing trauma and crisis?

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Course Summary

  • Course duration:  10 weeks (45 hours)
  • Online (using an LMS)
  • Self-paced reading
  • Weekly Instructor-led lectures (available live and through recordings)
  • Course resources such as Assessment & Topic Paper Study Halls
  • A certification pre-approval training (minimally the Provisional Certification, potential for higher certifications based on experience).

Course Focus

The course focuses on specific learning outcomes:

  • Producing a career plan that includes acquiring phased out certifications through NACP.
  • Practicing advocacy for victim profiles that challenge the participant’s personal culture.
  • Determining appropriate policies based on standards, codes and laws.
  • Preparing memos to refer participants to PTSD counselors by using standard criteria.
  • Assigning housing and professional development solutions based on victim scenarios.

Course Content

VAC1 prepares course participants by presenting topics such as:

  • How to design career paths towards acquiring certifications through NACP in specialized populations.
  • How to distinguish the role of an advocate within a community program from professional counseling services.
  • Providing ethical standards and cultural competency to establish attitudes that lead to effective and victim-centered advocacy.
  • How to use the trauma related to specific victimizations to conduct trauma-informed interviews.
  • How to present criminal/civil justice resources by understanding the phases of the criminal justice process.
  • How to advocate for victims’ rights during a court trial.
  • Commonly used housing plans, personal and professional development solutions.

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01.16.23 – 3.26.23, 02.20.23 – 04.30.23, 03.20.23 – 05.29.23, 04.17.23 – 06.26.23


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